TNPSC Civil Judge Exam 2018

Expected Revised Cut-off Marks

Dear Civil Judge Aspirants,

This Cut-Off Mark Predictions are inferred by

Prof Pazhani Vanangamudi, M.A (History)., M.A (Political Science)., Ph.D. (History)., M.L (Labour & Administrative Law)., Ph.D. (Law).,

     – Former Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ambedkar Law University.


Dr. Shiva Sivakumar, M.L., Ph.D (Law)

     – Advocate, High Court of Madras.

Greetings! We wish you Good luck to all the candidates who fondly expect their results.

There is a good news to you. The predicted cut-off marks will go down and hence your success has become brighter.

It seems that the number of candidates, who appeared for the Preliminary Examination, is around 8,500. Number of candidates to be likely to be selected for the Mains would be around 3,200 that is around 2.7 ratio. It is a very low ratio comparatively in competitive examinations.

Furthermore, based on the performance of candidates and the high-level standard of questions, the feedback of candidates are as follows:

  1. Questions are highly standard;
  2. Answers are not easy to find out;
  3. Some questions are highly complicated and intertwined with several provisions of law;

Only well-educated candidates and advocates with practical knowledge, both in civil and criminal laws, alone can tackle the questions.

Based on the circumstances, performance, and the (Half Marks for wrong questions) NEGATIVE MARKS, it is reasonably inferred that the CUT OFF MARKS would go down substantially. It may be predicted that THE EXPECTED MARKS WOULD BE AS FOLLOWS:


* TNPSC Notification stipulates minimum marks for each category, however Civil Judge Preliminary Exam 2018 conducted by TNPSC is having negative marks which no other TNPSC Exams (Multiple Choice Type) have. 

** Normally (Vacancy X 10 times) shall be the allowable limit for the main examination. In our case, there is 320 vacancy, hence 3200 candidates are to be allowed to appear for mains examination.

*** Considering the above circumstance, there is very likely hood that cut-off marks could be lowered than the minimum eligibility marks in order to accommodate 3200 candidates (Subject to discretionary power of the TNPSC)


OC 43 – 46
BC (O) 40 – 43
BC (M) 39 – 41
MBC / DNC 37 – 40
SC 35 – 37
SC (A) 32 – 35
ST 30 – 32

TNPSC Civil Judge Preliminary Exam 2018 – Revised Answer Key

The TNPSC has published tentative answers to the recently conducted Civil Judge Preliminary Examination.

It is suggested that answers to the questions are tentative.

If there are objections in the answer key, such objections can be raised.

A careful perusal of the questions and the tentative answers, it is found that the tentative answers given by the TNPSC are not appearing to be correct to the question numbers 19, 21, 52 and 87.

The probable answers to these four questions are suggested in the appropriate questions by citing appropriate provisions and corresponding reasons.

* The Persons who are likely to defend the questions please send personal representation to The TNPSC.

TNPSC Civil Judge Preliminary Exam 2018 - Answer Key
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